Reserve Release: Merlot 2016

All Lynfred wines are of exceptional quality, but our reserve wines are extraordinary. Today we release our Merlot Reserve 2016 exclusively to our Wine Club Members!

Introducing our latest wine release: Merlot, a beloved red varietal celebrated globally and hailing from renowned regions such as Bordeaux and Napa, CA. Within the United States, Washington has emerged as a premier hub for cultivating Merlot grapes, excelling in both quantity and quality. Our Merlot grapes, sourced from the picturesque Columbia Valley in Washington, showcase remarkable fruity nuances, firm tannins, and invigorating acidity.

Behold the craftsmanship of Lynfred Merlot Reserve 2016, a culmination of meticulous care. After an extended maturation period in American oak barrels, this wine attains an extraordinary equilibrium of aromas and flavors, promising a sensory journey like no other.

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*The Merlot Reserve 2016 will be available to taste November 24-30 for $4 per 2oz pour. Available in Roselle, Wheeling, & Highland Park.
* Member Discounts Apply


Nov 24 2023


All Day


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