Embracing philanthropy lies at the heart of Lynfred’s values. We take great pride in championing our local charities and fundraising groups, extending our support through initiatives such as the Charity of the Month Program and our dedicated Donation Program. Although we are unable to contribute wine directly, we do provide a philanthropic discount. Additionally, we are honored to donate a group wine tasting certificate, a perfect addition for raffles or silent auctions. For more details, kindly delve into the details below.

Meet our 2024 Charities of the Month!

We are a non-tipping facility. Instead of tips, our staff will eagerly pass on your generous donations to a local charity. This May all Lynfred Winery locations are raising funds for our veterans in honor of Memorial Day: The Roselle American Legion Post 1084, Highland Park VFW, and the Arlington Heights VFW. 

How can you help? Come visit us at Lynfred Roselle, Wheeling, or Highland Park, and leave a ‘tip’. We’ll donate it!

Thank you! You helped us raise $1561 in March for Midwest Veteran’s Closet! April’s charitable numbers are coming soon for the Soul Harbour Ranch!


April 2023 Charity of the Month Eversight Chicago
Roselle Police

At Lynfred, supporting our local community is a part of our core values. The winery is a non-tipping facility; however, so many winery patrons were leaving tips that employees just saved the money and used it for pizza parties. As more tips were accumulated, and more donation requests came in for local charities, the staff decided to donate the money. Lynfred general manager Andres Basso was so impressed with the idea that he decided he would buy them pizza often instead! Since then, the pizza parties have developed into full-blown quarterly staff appreciation parties.

Local charities are hand-picked by the winery staff and cover many causes- many near and dear to them in their personal lives. The winery’s charity of the month program has brought joy and enthusiasm to the staff. Lynfred sales hostess Kim Henry said, “When someone hands me a tip, I am proud to tell them that all our tips are donated to a small, local charity! A certain pride comes with knowing we are making a difference.”

Local charities are hand-picked by the winery staff and cover many causes- many near and dear to them in their personal lives.

Our entire 2024 Charities of the Month list is coming soon!

Wine For Your Event

We can extend a charity discount (30%) on THESE SELECTED WINES.

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As a local business, we are always delighted to offer a donation for your fundraiser:

Group Wine Tasting Certificate

To request a wine tasting certificate please email us:

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*Be sure to include the name of the organization, date of your event and a mailing address. Due to the volume of requests, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the certificate. Certificates also available from our Wheeling location. Please contact them directly for more information or to make a request.

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