Port first became popular when the English were at war with France and therefore couldn’t drink French wines. In the seafaring days when this occurred, something had to be done to wine to allow it to survive the long ocean journeys. The addition of grape spirits allowed the wine to last longer and to be more resistant to temperature changes. Wines altered in this way are called “fortified wines.” Our unique Cherrivino was made with Montmorency cherry wine (cherries from Door County, Wisconsin) fortified with Grape Spirits from Fresno, California., and blended from multiple vintage years with long aging in American oak barrels. Enjoy it neat or with your favorite dessert.

Blend: 100% Montmorency Cherry Wine fortified with grape spirits
Grower Region: Country Ovens, Door County, Wisconsin
Aged: American oak, 72+ months

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Color: brownish ruby
Aroma: maraschino cherries, praline, cedar, toasted nuts, caramel
Palate: cherries, raisins, licorice, vanilla, coconut, butterscotch
Body: full
Finish: complex, warm, fruity, nutty
Foods: strong-flavored cheeses like Gorgonzola or blue, sweet desserts, sour cherry pie

Residual Sugar: 10.5%

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