Discover the allure of cranberries, among the most distinctive fruits globally. Thriving in the wild on sprawling vines within sandy bogs and marshes, cranberries stand out as one of North America’s three native fruits. Predominantly harvested in the Northeast, they also flourish in regions such as Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest. Despite its high acidity, this fruit presents a formidable challenge for fermentation. It took nearly two months of meticulous fermentation and unwavering patience to produce our exquisite Lynfred Cranberry wine, striking a perfect balance between sweetness and tartness.

Blend: 100% Cranberries
Grower/Region: Wisconsin, USA

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Aroma: cranberries, plums, flowers, and herbs
Palate: cranberry juice, wild berries, sweet & sour plum sauce
Body: medium
Finish: distinctively acidic, crisp, refreshing
Foods: cranberry tart, cranberry goat cheese, Thanksgiving dinner, great as a spritzer

Residual Sugar: 10.0%

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