The term ‘late harvest’ is used to identify wines made from grapes that have begun to shrivel on the vines, thus resulting in a higher sugar content (Brix) and more concentrated aromas and flavors. Often, but not always, it also means a higher residual sugar at bottling. Petite Sirah is an excellent candidate for this style due to its fruitiness, color, and small, loosely clustered berries that mature well and hold up to the extended time spent on the vine in potentially challenging weather conditions.

Grower: Heringer Vineyards, Clarksburg, CA
Aged: Stainless Steel
Residual Sugar: 7.0%

Winemaker Tasting Notes
Color: deep purple with red hues
Aroma: raisins, violets, dried plums
Palate: fig spread, plum molasses, herbs, black currant jelly
Body: full
Finish: fruity, sweet, firm, and ripe tannins
Foods: Stilton cheese, aged blue cheese, dried nuts, brownies, sticky toffee pudding

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