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The Muscat of Alexandria grape is considered an ancient vine, one of the oldest genetically unmodified grape vines still in existence. As its name suggests, it originated around the great city of Alexandria, at the western edge of the Nile Delta in Egypt. Today, this grape is widely used in European sweet wine and grape spirits in Chile (South America). Enjoy our refreshing off-dry, new world-style Muscat of Alexandria!

Blend: 100% Muscat of Alexandria
Grower/Vineyard: Lodi, CA
Residual Sugar: 1.0%

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Color: yellow
Aroma: lychee, lime, hibiscus tea, lemon, Mandarin blossoms
Palate: grapefruit, white peach, minerals
Body: medium
Finish: floral, refreshing, off-dry
Foods: spicy food: Indian, Thai, or Chinese cuisines especially, grape & gorgonzola flatbread, sweet & sour sauces, fresh fruit salads
Cheeses: Gorgonzola, Garroxta, Raclette

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