Norton is among only a few grapes native to North America. Norton is also a common grape grown here in the Midwest due to its ability to adapt to a variety of weather conditions, its durability, and its resistance to disease. Chambourcin, a French-American hybrid variety, is winter hardy and typically produces wines that are rich in color and juice acidity on the palate, but lighter in body and less robust than the average red varieties. Blending both ‘Illinoisan’ varieties and adding the finesse of a long aging in American oak barrels, we were able to highlight the unique characteristics of the Midwest wine grape growing region.

Blend: 52% Norton, 48% Chambourcin
Grower/Vineyard: Correll Vineyards, Newton, IL

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Color: deep garnet
Aroma: cloves, menthol, cedar, black currant
Palate: tart cherry, dried plum, earthy, blackberry, violets, sweet baking spices
Body: full
Finish: inviting, acidic, refreshing
Foods: smoked meats, short ribs, sausages, barbecued chicken, chimichurri sauce, cream cheese stuffed peppers
Cheeses: cream cheese, Monterey Jack, Gouda, pepper jack

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