May 2022 Red Wine of the Month
Pinot Noir is the tenth most widely planted grape in the world. Well known as the red grape of Burgundy, France. Pinot Noir is a challenging grape to grow and can also be quite difficult to vinify. The winemaker’s primary challenge is to draw sufficient color and flavor from the grape skins without extracting too much astringent tannin. To add smoothness to the final blend we added a touch of Barbera. Our 2019 Pinot Noir was crafted for the Pinot lovers that like their wine clean and authentic.

Blend: 92% Pinot Noir, 8% Barbera
Grower/Vineyard: Heringer Vineyards, Clarksburg, CA

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Color: ruby
Aroma: cherry, blueberry, hibiscus tea, vanilla, strawberry-rhubarb pie
Palate: black cherry, tea leaves, cloves, caramel
Body: light
Finish: balanced, crisp, clean
Foods: roasted chicken, grilled pork with rosemary, mushrooms, grilled salmon, Margherita pizza
Cheeses: soft white cheeses, goat cheese, mozzarella, queso Blanco, provolone

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