Damson plum are one of the most popular old varieties in America. They are small, round to oblong in shape and have smooth, shiny, deep purple to black skin. The firm amber flesh is very tasty with a spicy and tart flavor. Damson plums are great for making wine and spirits. As wine, was once common in England: a 19th-century reference said that “good damson wine is, perhaps, the nearest approach to good port that we have in England”.

100% Damson Plums from Shelby, Michigan

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Color: reddish purple
Aroma: plum, roses, cherry, spices
Palate: acidic, plummy, peach, tamarind sauce
Body: medium
Finish: tangy, fruity, lingering
Foods: appetizers, dessert, Cantonese cuisine, chocolate

Residual Sugar: 9.5%

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