Director of Winemaking

Andres Basso, Lynfred’s General Manager and Director of Winemaking, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to one of life’s most cherished pursuits: winemaking. Hailing from Chile, Andres channels his extensive experience and refined skills into crafting premier wines in a diverse array of styles, sourcing top-quality fruits from outstanding producers across the United States, including California, Washington, Michigan, and Illinois.

With a background that includes esteemed wineries such as Santa Rita and Concha y Toro in Chile, as well as Merryvale and Gordon Brothers in Napa Valley and Columbia Valley respectively, Andres has honed his craft through hands-on experience and a keen sense of tasting and sensory perception. This unique blend of experiences has shaped his personal approach to winemaking, resulting in a signature style that shines through in every bottle produced under his guidance.

At Lynfred Winery, nestled in the picturesque Village of Roselle, Illinois, Andres and his talented team work their magic in the cellar, transforming the finest fruits into exceptional wines that are truly one-of-a-kind in the Midwest. With access to fruits from across the nation and the freedom to create, Andres finds inspiration in the beauty of his surroundings and the boundless possibilities of winemaking. Join us at Lynfred and experience the artistry and passion of Andres Basso firsthand.

Head Winemaker

In 2013, we joyfully welcomed Rodrigo Gonzalez to our team as Winemaker, following his remarkable sixteen-year tenure in winemaking within his homeland of Chile. A distinguished alumnus of the University of Chile, Rodrigo holds a degree in Winemaking and is a respected member of the Chilean College of Enologists. His extensive experience includes serving as Winemaker at Cremaschi Furlotti, nestled in Chile’s renowned Maule wine-growing region, preceded by roles at Casa Lapostolle and Viña Carmen.

During his tenure at Cremaschi, Rodrigo’s wines earned numerous prestigious international accolades, notably clinching a coveted “Great Gold Medal” at the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013” for his 2011 Single Vineyard Carmenere. Rodrigo’s exceptional palate, innate talent, and track record of success in crafting outstanding wines tailored to diverse global markets perfectly complement Lynfred’s winemaking ethos, enriching our distinct offerings with his expertise. With Rodrigo on board, Lynfred Winery gains a formidable asset renowned for his commitment to wine excellence.

“In the Maule Valley, under the guidance of winemaker Rodrigo Gonzalez, (Cremaschi Furlotti) achieved one of the continent’s top two Cabernet Sauvignons, showcasing that the realm of Cabernet extends beyond the Maipo Valley.” – South American Vineyards, Wineries & Wines

The Art of Wine Making

Chilean born Lynfred Winemaker Andres Basso shares what gets him out of bed every morning in a four minute documentary short about the wine making process at Lynfred Winery.

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