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Savor the ancient allure of our Muscat of Alexandria. Originating from Egypt’s historic vineyards near Alexandria, this varietal carries tales of antiquity. Untouched by genetic modification, it has journeyed through time to find a place in Europe’s sweet wine production and South America’s grape spirits. Our 2023 vintage offers a refreshing off-dry expression, embracing the vibrant essence of the new world style. Enjoy its food-friendly character and undeniable drinkability.

Our Muscat of Alexandria is renowned for its versatility in pairing with various flavors and spices. Our brand ambassador, Laura Lorenz, a WSET level 2-with distinction holder, has expertly enhanced the Thai Red Curry Mussels recipe with Muscat’s food-friendly nature. This culinary delight is a perfect match for our 2023 Muscat of Alexandria, creating a memorable dining and pairing experience.

Other great food pairings with the 2023 Muscat of Alexandria:
Foods: Indian, Thai, or Chinese cuisine, spicy cilantro lime chicken,
fruit salad, arugula salad, charcuterie
Cheeses: soft and pungent cheeses, blue, Parmesan

Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb


Experience the commanding presence of Petite Sirah, a titan among American wines, flourishing in California’s sun-drenched vineyards, notably in Napa Valley. Celebrated for fortifying blends, it imparts rich depth and velvety texture. Our 2021 vintage showcases Clarksburg, California’s terroir, crafted with meticulous care and aged in American oak barrels, resulting in a masterpiece with luscious aromas of butterscotch, and a smooth, refined texture.

Despite its name, Petite Sirah is bold and robust, standing up well to rich and hearty flavors. Pairing this rich red wine with our sumptuous short rib ragu creates a heavenly match on your plate.

Other great food pairings with the 2021 Petite Sirah:
Foods: grilled ribeye, smoked brisket, short ribs, chocolate, root vegetables
Cheeses: aged Asiago and Gouda

salmon caviar boursin
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