From the Private Kitchen of Chef Celeste Pasag

Yield 2

2 ea seabass skin on, 5-6 oz
¾ c dried gigante beans
2 ea bay leaves
1 ea onion small, roughly chopped
2 ea garlic cloves, whole
3 T butter
6 oz EVOO
½ ea fresh lemon juice
½ ea fresh lemon, garnish
2 T parsley, fine chopped
1 T thyme, fine chopped
2 oz white wine, Lynfred Pinot Grigio
1 ea handful of arugula
Salt and Pepper

Place the beans in a bowl and cover with water to soak overnight. Drain. Using a medium stock pot, place the beans with bay leaves, onion and garlic and cover with water. Let the beans come to a boil, reduce heat to medium and cook for 30 minutes. Check to see if beans are fork tender. Add time if needed. Once ready, drain and place in a mixing bowl and toss with 2 oz of EVOO with salt and pepper. Set Aside. Heat a pan with 2 oz EVOO to medium to high heat. Season seabass with salt and pepper. Once ready, place seabass skin side down, sear for 4 minutes. When you flip to the other side, lower flame to medium and continue cooking for 4 minutes. Remove from pan and set aside. Using the same pan, wipe it clean. Heat the pan to high heat. Place 2 oz EVOO and place cook beans. Do not shake pan. You want to form some crust on the beans. Let it sit for 2-3 minute then add butter, deglaze with white wine. Add lemon juice, parsley, and thyme. Taste for seasoning. At the last minute, toss in arugula and toss the pan two times. Remove from heat and it is ready. Place the beans on the bottom of your plate and place seabass. Squeeze lemon on top and parsley. Enjoy!