2 lbs Chicken Thighs, trimmed, cut in small pieces
2 T oregano
2 T ground cumin
2 T sweet paprika
½ cup white vinegar
2 ea bay leaves
½ cup EVOO
½ cup OJ
1 T brown sugar
½ bu cilantro, finely chopped
Salt and Pepper
6” bamboo skewers

Place chicken thighs in a mixing bowl and marinate with the rest of the ingredients overnight or at least 2 hours except the bamboo skewers. Remove from the refrigerator at least 1 hour before cooking to let sit in room temperature. Meanwhile soaking your bamboo skewers in water. Then assemble by skewering the chicken through the sticks, not packing them too tightly. Do the rest of the chicken. Meanwhile, preheat grill to 375-400 degrees or if using a skillet, preheat to medium high heat. Grill each skewers 4 minutes on one side, and do not disturb to get a great caramelization on them, basting it once with the marinade, then flip and continue to cook for another 4 minutes. Remove and serve with garnish of cilantro. Enjoy!