Ciruela is Lynfred’s first plum port wine. Made from Damson plums, this dessert wine is truly an outstanding treat. Plum, cedar, cinnamon and almond aromas followed by layers of vanilla, oak and raisin flavors will pair well with many foods especially Cantonese dishes. The name ‘Ciruela’ means plum in Spanish. 375ml

Plum wine fortified with grape spirits
Grower: Michigan
Residual Sugar: 9.0%
Alcohol: 18%

Winemaker’s Tasting Notes
Color:    garnet w/ brick hues
Aroma:    ripe red plum, nutty, raisins, fig, French vanilla, cedar
Palate:    oak, prunes, dates, dark chocolate
Body:    full
Finish:    fruity, long and lingering
Foods:    Sweet & sour chicken, dark chocolate, mousses, bacon-wrapped prunes, hearty cheeses


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